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Mary McCartney's recipe

One-pot chilli

The next Cook School box brings you @marymccartney’s bonfire night veggie chilli - a great winter warmer and a true family favourite. Packed with @lindamccartneyfoods veggie mince, hearty beans and plenty of veg, it’s full of protein and fibre and guaranteed to keep you full and warm from the inside out all bonfire night long! Chilli is a great recipe for children to master, and one they’ll repeat make for life. We help children master the basics of chopping and cooking down veggies to create a versatile, flavoursome base for any recipe, and teach them how to use easily accessible ingredients such as tinned beans to create a healthy, hearty, delicious meal on a budget too. It's incredibly versatile and can be served so many different ways. We’re serving ours over baked potatoes, topped with vegan creme fraiche, herbs and a squeeze of lime. Order now for delivery before the big event, enjoy the fireworks! 
INGREDIENTS: (allergens are marked in bold)
baking potatoes, olive oil, onions, garlic, green beans, red pepper, kidney beans, Linda McCartney’s vegemince, chipotle chilli paste, tinned tomatoes, soy sauce, fresh coriander, vegan creme fraiche, lime 


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All packaging is compostable or recyclable and we strive to be plastic free. Our boxes contain super fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables

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