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This week’s Cook School box brings you a taste of the Middle East with a recipe for super simple baked falafel, perfect served inside fluffy pita breads with mango chutney. These tasty falafel are made with premium jarred chickpeas from our friends @boldbeanco and lots of delicious herbs and spices designed to awaken your tastebuds and explore the flavours of the Middle East! We teach you an easy-peezy way to peel and crush garlic, and how to add layer upon layer of flavour whilst ensuring it’s all perfectly mashed and mixed together. There is no messy frying or excess oil involved here. The falafel simply bake in the oven until golden and crispy and then it’s time to assemble your pitas! This recipe is really hands on and interactive, a great introduction to new flavours, and and packed full of gut-healthy fibre and protein too! Children of all ages love these delicious balls of chickpea goodness, so order now for delivery this Friday November 19th. 

INGREDIENTS: (allergens are marked in bold)

olive oil, garlic, ground cumin, ground coriander, harissa paste, lemon, chickpeas, fresh coriander, pitta bread, tahinisalad



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Pizza beans

Our next Cook School box will include everything you need in order to make pizza beans, it really is pizza but not as you know it!

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